Father's Day and the Aries Moon

I’m finding it so hard to concentrate today!

I just feel like seeing what everyone’s up to on Instagram and Facebook instead of trying to make sense of the planets.

But I’ll try.

See if you can inject a little responsibility into what you actually feel like doing today. The Aries moon can arouse the warrior/leader in us or it can give us a mood of childish selfishness and impatience. But Mars and Jupiter are asking us to balance that with level-headed action and to consider the people around us, too. Mercury opposite Saturn challenges us to think before we talk but still say whatever it is we’re supposed to. What we think and have to express is important. 

So today might be tricky, especially if you add family and booze.

What can help? Try to stay detached enough to let new information in. If you have to set a boundary, imagine it as a teachable moment rather than a war. And use that Aries energy to look for adventure rather than crisis. When the moon finally squares Pluto at the end of the day, reflect on whether you were able to pull it all off and if not, what you might do differently next time. Aries is about starting and doing, not about perfection. Just coach yourself through and try your best.

(Moon square Mars in Capricorn 6:02 a.m. EDT. Moon opposite Jupiter in Libra 1:28 p.m. Sun sextile Uranus 2:47 p.m. Mercury in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius 3:07 p.m. Sun sextile North Node in Leo and trine South Node in Aquarius 4:31 p.m. Moon square Pluto 10:36 p.m.)