Aries Moon: Facing What Scares You

Today the moon is in Aries. It's a good day to start something new, try something that scares you, exert yourself physically. Under the category of doing something that scares me I'm going to see the oral surgeon! There can be impatience and competitiveness in the air, and maybe more teasing than you or someone you love is comfortable with. 

Mars, the planet that rules the sign Aries, is Out of Bounds right now, a quality that is associated with freedom and rebellion. (Astrologer Tony Howard has done extensive research on Out of Bounds planets in case you want to learn more.) I mention it because over the next two days if you're not cautious you may say or do something that is beyond what you really intend. Stay aware and know your own power so that you don't hurt someone you love. Know that we're all experiencing this energy in case someone goes too far with you. Set boundaries if you need to. If there's an area of your life in which you don't feel like you're winning, Aries can bring it to your attention, making you sad or cranky. If that happens, take a moment to set an intention with a change that can help you be more successful. But in the spirit of Aries, do take some time to feel and appreciate your own strength, will, and ability to survive. You've come through a lot and sometimes just knowing that can help you keep going forward.