When the moon in a certain house or sign feels hard

Now that I’ve been tracking the moon every day, I’m noticing that certain energies are harder for me than others. Have you noticed any patterns as the moon moves through your chart every month? If you’d like, pay attention to the ways you experience the moon moving through each house and interacting with each natal planet. The awareness may help you over time.

During our family vacation last weekend my sister told me she couldn’t shake a bad moon. The moon in Cancer was traveling through her 11th house, conjuncting first her Saturn and then her Mars. She was feeling limited and upset. She heard herself setting boundaries, sometimes harshly, even though she wanted to feel more kind and free. Just hearing that there was a correlation between the way she was feeling and the way the sky was interacting with her chart was comforting to her.

This morning I woke up extremely cranky. The Virgo moon is approaching a square to my Mercury in Sagittarius. I’m feeling very self-critical and aware of the ways I don’t see myself as successful. I’m suddenly aware of a scorecard in my head I didn’t know I had been keeping! Knowing that will hopefully keep me from nitpicking myself and others today. The best I can do is try, and track whether I feel the same way tomorrow or next month at this time. Sometimes unease pushes us toward our goals or a change we need to make. Sometimes it can help us understand a larger dynamic that we've always struggled with, and we can gain compassion for ourselves. Sometimes a mood is just a mood.

As the moon spends its final hours in Virgo today, try to hang in there. When the moon squares Saturn and then Mars, we may come across some boundary or aggression. Try just to notice and not get hooked. What’s the bigger picture of this day and this month for you? Try to orient your heart toward the best of Virgo today – helpfulness, humility, service, skill – while you also realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Then when the moon enters Libra, see who shows up to help you.

(Moon in Virgo trine Mercury in Taurus 4:54 a.m. EDT. Moon square Saturn in Sagittarius 11:21 a.m. Moon square Mars in Gemini 5:48 p.m. Moon void 5:48 until enters Libra 8:03 p.m.)