Scorpio Moon: To Wallow or To Laugh?

(Venus enters Taurus at 3:26 a.m., Moon trine Neptune 11:14 a.m., Mercury enters Gemini 6:15 a.m., Moon sextile Pluto 8:35 p.m. Moon Void of Course 8:35 p.m. to 6:59 p.m. tomorrow.)

The moon is in Scorpio today. I dragged myself out of my bed this morning to write, and when I sleepily passed Lyndon’s room I noticed a stuffed pigeon stuck in the almost-closed door. That’s my mood today. Some gallow’s humor mixed with “Do I really have to do this today?” (By “this” I mean anything but stay in bed.) I admire the pigeon’s effort to break out and I can also relate to the failure of it all: From the happy land of Mo Willems's imagination to the bleak reality of our home, trapped in Lyndon’s door. Sorry, Pigeon.

But time marches on and two planets are actually changing signs today. Venus and Mercury are entering the signs they rule, Taurus and Gemini. What will that mean? At the very least the Scorpio moon invites us to think deeply about our relationships and communication. We have an opportunity until June 21st when Mercury changes sign for heightened awareness and loving interactions if we act with intention. Mercury in Gemini could just make us distracted, worried or chatty about nothing in particular, our minds and words constantly on the move. But if we allow Venus in Taurus to slow us down a little and consider the people we love and the beauty around us, we can see things that truly fascinate us and find the right ways to share them.

In the meantime today, try to find some humor in the dark side of what you see. We’re all Pigeon for a moment. When the moon changes to Sagittarius hopefully we’ll see the silver lining.