The Aquarius Moon: What Would Dolly Do?

Today’s Aquarius moon gives us all a mood of individuality and freedom. We won’t want rules placed on us. If you’re a parent or in a position of authority, honor the person in your care as an equal on some level. Be open to learning from anyone you meet today. And share your ideas. Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter today, giving us a chance to use our words to bless others and our ideas to help us expand.

Take some time to reflect on when you’ve gotten Aquarian energy right before – standing up for something that matters or creating your own path. But also reflect on the times you may have been more clunky with it – refusing to see another position or ostracizing yourself because you assumed no one would understand. We all have victories and pain related to Aquarius and the planet that rules it, Uranus. Today gives us a unique chance to accept and celebrate uniqueness. Try not to get unsettled by this energy. We can give ourselves permission to be boldly just who we are.

(Moon square Venus in Taurus 10:07 a.m. Mercury in Gemini trine Jupiter in Libra 11:42 a.m. until 11:11 p.m. Moon trine Jupiter 9:52 p.m. Mercury square Neptune in Pisces 11:28 p.m. Moon trine Mercury 11:56 p.m. Uranus trine North Node in Leo and sextile South Node in Aquarius.)