The Aquarius Moon

The moon is in Aquarius again today. This is the "You're not the boss of me" moon.

Lyndon cried yesterday in swim practice because his instructor was being hard on him. It’s not the best swim school: It’s overcrowded and noisy, and the teachers are young and impatient. But it’s the best swim school I’ve found so far in Queens. I switched his last swim teacher, because I didn’t like the harsh and sarcastic way she spoke to the kids. I wondered last night if I should switch this teacher, too.

But I let Lyndon get through class and I spoke to him later in the car. I realized there’s a pattern with Lyndon. If he doesn’t like doing something, he avoids it. Then the adult in the situation gets mad because it seems like Lyndon’s not trying, but really he’s kind of stubbornly stuck in a state of not understanding. Partly he doesn’t want to make a mistake, and partly he’s checked out. Then the teacher becomes impatient, Lyndon gets hurt and cries, and I rush in to protect him. But Lyndon's ten now. This pattern is getting tiring.

Lyndon’s an Aquarius. It can be tricky parenting him because he’s learning to become his own authority. And yet, he’s just a kid. He just doesn’t have the tools or the option yet to be on his own.

Lyndon really does want to know how to swim. In that frustrating moment for both of us it occurred to me that he learns well when he takes in information from a variety of teachers and sources. He learns well from watching YouTube videos. So after class I suggested he watch some swim instruction videos to help him understand what his teacher has been trying to tell him. I admitted that the swim school wasn’t the best and the teacher wasn’t the best, but I also told him this was the best option we have. We also talked about trying to be more open to learning. We both had noticed that the mean teacher from last semester actually teaches her students great technique. At this point her students are the most advanced swimmers. Maybe she wasn't the right teacher for Lyndon, but she's also not the useless monster we made her out to be when we were both stuck in our emotions. 

When the moon is in Aquarius, we all want to be our own boss. But nobody knows everything. Can we remain detached enough to take in what we don’t yet know? Can we allow other people to be quirky? Can we think of a solution that’s outside the box? Can we find any humor in the situation?

Nobody's really our boss but everyone can be our teacher. Try not to judge the person in front of you but instead try to find the lesson. We’re all unpredictable and we're all brilliant, even though we're flawed. If you've humbly tried your best and you really do need to break away, then that's OK, too. One of the first commands Lyndon learned to give us was "Space." Take some today if you need to.