Scorpio Moon

(Moon opposite Uranus in Aries 1:09 EDT, moon opposite Venus in Aries 4:56 a.m., Libra moon Void of Course 4:56 to 6:45 a.m., Moon enters Scorpio 6:45 a.m., Moon Trine Mars in Cancer 7:50 a.m.)

With the moon in Scorpio today, pay attention to the feelings you get about what you’re taking in around you. See if anything inspires you to make a change or push through in a new way. Pay attention to what’s beneath the surface in all your interactions. Scorpio is deep yet intensely private, so be open to interacting on a deeper level or to letting people have their protective boundaries. Try to flow with the watery energy of the day and avoid power struggles. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so use that to your advantage. If you’re patient you can see all your options and find great energy stores within yourself. Just try not to get stuck in a position or a way of doing things that no longer serves you.