Sagittarius Moon

(Moon in Sagittarius. Moon sextile Jupiter in Libra at 9:41 p.m. EDT and square Neptune in Pisces at 11:47 p.m.)

Today’s Sagittarius moon gives us all a chance to be a little bigger. It’s up to us to decide how to use this energy. I saw a woman rocking out to a Gospel song in her parked car last night and another man whistling while he walked. The Sagittarius moon can give us more of a bright and cheery mood and help us find inspiration. Sagittarius also can lead us to exaggerate or leap before we look. So if people come off as blustery, blunt, or over-the-top today, try not to get too judgmental. If you’re in a bad mood, Sagittarius can exaggerate that, too, so ask someone for help if you need to. Try to connect the dots of all you see in a way that inspires you to move forward and be bigger. Give someone you love the benefit of the doubt by listening better, by laughing together, or by offering an honest and generous compliment. Try to integrate what you see with a bit of faith. Get outside, dance, hug a loved one. Just try to do something today that gives you a lift and helps you notice that life is a gift.