Pisces and Neptune: Let it go

I found this quote by Adam Grant of the Wharton Business School so refreshing. We’re so often bombarded with Saturn messages: Have grit. Be resilient. Never give up. But the big event in the sky today is Neptune stationing retrograde just before the Pisces moon joins it. Today’s message is the opposite: Today we’re allowed to give up.

Neptune is the planet of spell-casting and myth-making. But we outgrow some of the spells we cast and the myths we make. Sometimes we fall into roles that other people cast for us. What’s inspiring about that? No wonder we’re all so tired!

Three of the outer planets will now be retrograde, leaving only Uranus direct in Aries. When a planet is retrograde is appears to move backwards from the earth. It’s not really going backwards. It’s just not moving as quickly as the earth.

Astrology is a practice of interpreting symbols. Can you find any symbolism in your own life of myth-making, resilience and personal power slowing down while you remain open to flashes of brilliance, freedom, and individuality? Are there rules you need to break to be completely yourself?

See where this Neptune station is happening in your chart (14° Pisces 16'). Reflect on the house where it’s occurring and any aspects it makes to your personal planets. But if you don’t know your chart, at least reflect on Neptune’s lessons: Spirituality, vastness, transcendence, dissolution, illumination. Neptune gives us a chance to release our ego and join with something bigger than we are. Until November 22nd we get a heightened chance to reflect on what we want to release so we can embrace the myth that actually fits.

(Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces 7:31 a.m. EDT. Moon conjunct Neptune 9:10 a.m. Moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn 5:20 p.m. Moon square Mercury in Gemini 9:29 p.m.)