Pisces Moon

At 6:17 a.m. EDT the moon enters the sign of Pisces. During the same minute the sun in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius.

This gives us all a moment to sloooowwwww things down a bit.

The Aquarian energy from the past two days was unsettling. There were shootings and deadly fires. Many Americans are not sure what’s happening in our country. Did the Attorney General obstruct justice? Will Congress sue the President? We’ve been poised for emergency or revolt.

But Pisces calls us to expansiveness, compassion, and dreaming. Pisces territory is the ocean or the clouds. And Saturn asks us to put a stop to all that worry and ego for a bit. What’s the larger picture? Can we be grown-ups in the positive sense of the word: still curious about each other, still able to tell the truth? Can we laugh at ourselves today?

If you feel stuck in some way today, try to have faith. See what your options are right now and imagine the best outcome for everyone involved. Take a breath before you speak. Listen well. If you need to set a limit or deliver difficult news, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes first. Pray, draw, dance, or ask a higher power for guidance. And have compassion for yourself and others today. We all have a dream for ourselves and those we love, and we’re all doing our best from a cloudy place.