Moon in Libra: Be Nice First

The moon will be in Libra all day today. Some ways you can nurture yourself and others are through socializing and creating beauty or balance in some way. I dread making my bed, but when the moon is in Libra it’s a way I can take care of myself. Seeing a pretty space makes me especially happy then. Take some time to compliment or appreciate someone today. When the moon is in Libra you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. Maybe that’s always true, but many natal moon placements ask you to be more selective as a rule, like Aries and Scorpio. But on Libra days we all get to try out this adage. We get to be nice first.

If graciousness is not reciprocated we might get upset today. I notice people with strong Libra energy despise rudeness. But try not to let someone else’s bad manners upset your equilibrium. Just let your interactions today instruct you on the qualities you want in your closest relationships and the way you want to conduct yourself socially. Remember we're all capable of good and bad behavior.

There’s a bit of a paradox happening today, as the Libra moon asks you to be balanced and the Uranus/Venus conjunction asks you to let yourself shock or be shocked. Is there a way you can do both? Can you stay connected to someone who gives you a hard message, or can you stay peaceful in the face of a sudden jolt? Jupiter The King (or Queen) of the Gods will have a strong influence on the day, so remember to stay optimistic and benevolent with yourself and others. You can really have some fun if you stay open-minded.

(Venus in Aries conjunct Uranus 3:31 a.m. EDT. Sun trine Jupiter 12:12 p.m. Moon conjunct Jupiter 9:43 p.m. Moon trine sun 10:33 p.m.)