Mars in Cancer

Photo: "Young Civil Rights Marchers in Montgomery March With American Flags" by Stephen Somerstein.

Photo: "Young Civil Rights Marchers in Montgomery March With American Flags" by Stephen Somerstein.

Mars enters the sign of Cancer today, where it will be until July 20th. Sometimes it’s helpful to reflect on the last time a planet was in the same sign to see how it played out in your life. Some of the same themes will repeat and you can build on what you learned or accomplished then. The last time Mars was in Cancer was June 24-August 8, 2015, and before then it was July 13-August 27, 2013.

The themes of action and security combine when Mars is in Cancer. Our will or assertion has an agenda of safety, home, family. We’ll fight for those we love. We’re also aware of our own vulnerability, which can make acting hard. We can get caught up in the emotion of it all. The last time Mars was in Cancer I was job-hunting, aware that we had debt looming over us that we needed two salaries to cover. I was in a place of fear and unknowing, hoping interviewers could see my strengths and pay me fairly. Hoping I could handle this new change. Cancer falls in my 4th House of home, family, roots. In the end my Mom suggested I consider working at my old high school, which turned out to be the right fit. In many ways it’s been like returning home.

Look at your birth chart to see where Mars is right now to know in which area of your life you may be called to act. If you feel like it, journal about or share the experience you had two years ago. When Mars and Cancer come together, try to absorb and reflect before you act. You have great stores of imagination that can help you do what you need to do. But Cancer can also make us defensive. Deep emotion can fuel anger or depression. Try to remember that this energy is affecting all of us, and be kind to others as you figure out what feels safe for you. And know with Mars there’s always some fear. Try not to let that stop you from taking the next right step. Let your inner resources and other people’s love for you make you braver.

(Moon in Libra today, Moon square Pluto at 8:51 a.m. EDT, Moon square Neptune at 12:13 p.m., Mars enters Cancer at 12:15 p.m., Moon sextiles Saturn 9:21 p.m.)