Leo and Aquarius: The North and South Nodes

(Moon in Scorpio Void of Course until 6:59 p.m. EDT Moon enters Sagittarius 6:59 p.m. Moon opposite Mercury 11:35 p.m.)

The moon is void for much of the day today, giving us time for reflection. I started the morning by having to plunge my toilet, which I think is a good metaphor for something else happening today -- the moon squaring the nodes.

The south node of the moon in a chart reflects a wound or karmic pattern that we can keep on repeating if we don’t gain the awareness to integrate a new way. It represents a strength that we have that came at a cost to us, and so our work is to acknowledge some of the damage we sustained and to try not to get too ego-attached to that strength. The real growth for us lies in learning to balance it with the more unfamiliar north node.

We’re born with particular north and south nodes which we experience individually throughout our lives, but we also experience collectively the transiting nodes, which stay in opposite signs for about a year and a half and are currently in Leo and Aquarius.

What does that mean? Steven Forrest’s blog has a brilliant and thorough take on it, but I’ll give you the gist: From April 28th of this year until November 15, 2018 we’re all being asked to integrate the north node of Leo into the south node of Aquarius. The last time the nodes were in these positions was September 17, 1998 to April 5, 2000.

How have you had to dissociate because of a shock? In that time period years ago did you eventually learn to find joy, dignity, trust, spontaneity in the face of unimaginable trauma? What about now? Is there something that has sent you into a state of shell-shock? Is there a part of you that needs to recover and seeks to be shared now? Have you been stuck as an outsider in some way and now do you want or need to be seen?

We have to spend so much of our lives in active or reactive mode, but today gives us an opportunity to sit and plunge the depths a bit. This stuff is heavy, so be kind to yourself and others. We’ll all be feeling it somewhat today. You can avoid lashing out at each other or staying in a prolonged sullenness today if you can be more reflective about what you’ve experienced and what you see as your Leo homework for the next year and a half. There's some aspect of your individuality, experience, or unique point of view that can help others if you're brave enough to share it and to shine.

Sending you my support.