Capricorn Moon Opposite Mars

Today the moon is in the sign of Capricorn, giving us a mood of seriousness. Silence and alone time will help. Reaching out to someone you share personal history with can also nurture you today. Capricorn asks us to honor our obligations, so if there’s something you’ve been avoiding (for me it’s food shopping), try to do it today. It will fill you with a sense of pride. Capricorn asks us to get real and do what’s practical, even if it’s hard. That’s especially a challenge when the sun is in Gemini and we notice all the other options available to us. Just try your best.

There’s conflict today between Mars and the Moon today. Try to avoid unnecessary fights with loved ones. I just barked at Lyndon. First he was pacing around me while I was typing this and then he started noisily chomping cereal right next to me, loudly scraping his spoon on the bowl. Instead of lashing out with, "Are you kidding me, Lyndon??", it probably would have been better to let him know that I can concentrate better while I’m writing without distractions and ask him if there’s a way he can help me. See if you can do better than I did by being mature yet loving, and kind yet assertive. We can get our needs met better if we show some patience while we ask for what we need.

(Moon opposite Mars in Cancer at 3:49 p.m. EDT, Moon trine Venus in Taurus at 4:42 p.m.)