It's not that I haven't thought about you....

... I'm just keeping a low profile while Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius -- the sign of my Mercury. I've been thinking of the centaur quality of Sagittarius -- half human, half horse -- and the necessary integration of mind/body, logic/animal instinct. For the past several months I've been writing consistently but I've paid very little attention to my body. I have a sedentary desk job, and with the extra time I've spent sitting to write when I'm home, well, that's a lot of sitting. So for the past week I've been riding the bike in the early morning instead of writing.

When I have sat down the look at the day's aspects, it's been hard to make enough of a global connection to what's going on to want to actually share something. It's more of a personal experience lately, and so I've been telling my astrological thoughts to Lyndon when I drive him to school or to Langston after we both get home from work. But I feel more careful when it comes to sharing anything more widely right now. I'm weighing my words.

At the same time, I don't want to leave anyone in the lurch. I'm still practicing astrology, and if you need a reading, please do contact me. But if I post less frequently it's because I'm trying to find the right balance between words and movement, speaking and listening, writing and paying attention.