Mercury in Sagittarius: It's time to remember to dream

Today Mercury enters Sagittarius, where it will stay until January 11, 2018. That’s an especially long time for fast-moving Mercury to stay in a sign. Just to make sure we REALLY get the Sagittarian message, Mercury will be retrograde December 3rd-December 22nd. How can this help us?

Mercury in Scorpio brought some extremely uncomfortable topics to our attention: Death. Power. Secrets. Shame. Corruption. We needed to see these things and name them so they would no longer have power over us. We needed catharsis, and in facing something honestly and bravely we learned more about our own resilience, our own ability to renew ourselves and bring healing energy to others. But Scorpio energy can get so heavy and dark it’s hard to see the light. Some of us have been drowning.

The sun and Jupiter are still in Scorpio: What makes us uncomfortable is not going away. Our own inner power is still growing and is yet to be fully revealed. But Mercury in Sagittarius now symbolizes a mindset of meaning and expansion. For the next two months our challenge is to see patterns and integrate wisdom into our push beyond the familiar. Can we find opportunities for joy, success, and growth even while understanding the darker sides of reality?

Sagittarian energy exaggerates. It can be grandiose or overbearing. Sagittarian aim sometimes misses the mark. But it searches for the truth. It reaches and tries. And there’s something beautifully heroic about reaching and trying.

In these last hours of Mercury in Scorpio, acknowledge your feelings. Face some of your grief, shame, or darkness. But start to be able to frame it and to believe you can move through it. Sagittarius reminds us of our freedom. Start to see how embracing freedom can be a great gift to you and the people you love. And start to infuse your thoughts and your words with understanding, hope, and faith.

(Moon in Gemini. Mercury enters Sagittarius 3:18 p.m. EST.)