On Mars and Uranus: Fight or get creative

Tomorrow Mars opposes Uranus. The last time this aspect happened was December 2015. Today the Aries moon opposes Mars and conjuncts Uranus, so it’s kind of like a dress rehearsal. Aaaand, it could get intense.

Willpower and change. Fight and shock. Violence and insanity. Self-defense and freedom. With an opposition there’s often polarization. Something happens to us from the outside. You may be facing one energy and identified with the other. Today try to put yourself in both places, though. As Steven Forrest often says, “All aspects are about integration.” For the next few days, how can we find a balance between Mars and Uranus?

A healthy Mars knows what it wants. But with the energies of this week, it’s very easy to get unhinged by what we want. An Aries moon wants what it wants NOW. I found myself very annoyed and petulant yesterday. Enough already with everything. I wanted to call the shots. I have an Aries moon natally, so Mars, the ruler of Aries, is a constant companion: Boundaries, desire, and action. I’m always pushing ahead and when I can’t, I get angry or upset. Uranus is more foreign to me: Detachment, groupthink, information-gathering, outside-the-box ideas. My actions would be improved if I let in more Uranus. I don’t always think before I act.

For the next couple of days, consider the balance for you. What’s harder for you, Mars or Uranus? Could it be time to put a little more action into your ideas or a little more thinking into your actions? Is it time to detach from anger or time to fight for a higher expression of your individuality and freedom?  Is it OK to be different?

If you feel inspired to today, write down some intentions or an action plan. Have a conversation with someone who’s an original thinker. When the moon changes to Taurus later on, do something to invite in silence or peace. Unplug from the news or social media. Go outside and really see what’s around you. And in the next two days, give yourself and others a little space. It will be easy to get triggered. Try to remember that this is just a moment and an opportunity to try a new way.

(Moon opposite Mars 6:12 a.m. EST. Moon conjunct Uranus 7:16 a.m. Moon trine Saturn 11:49 a.m. Moon trine Mercury 1:37 p.m. Moon void of course 1:37 p.m. to 3:38 p.m. Moon enters Taurus 3:38 p.m.)