Reframing the Not Knowing: Pisces moon square sun

Edward Ruscha, Blank Signs #3

Edward Ruscha, Blank Signs #3


Today the moon is in Pisces, the sign of compassion, God, oneness, inspiration, spaciousness, flowing. But Pisces is also the sign of release. In Pisces we lose our egos in a process so uncomfortable we want to give up or escape. Being invisible or formless can be devastating. Letting go sucks.

So how can we work with today’s symbols? Notice any tension you feel. Today the sun, the sign of self and ego, squares the moon, the sign of mystery, change, memories and emotions. We can’t separate who we are from the childhood and families we’ve had, the relationships and experiences that have touched us deeply.  So at least for today, stop comparing. Release harsh self-judgment. And try to reframe where you are now in the light of where you’ve been and what you’ve learned from people who were loving and wise. Which childhood messages do you need to remember? Which do you need to release? What really matters to you? How can dream, prayer, imagination, or love empower or encourage you right now? How can your own image inspire you?

If your ego has taken a bashing lately, I’m sorry. I’m with you. I can’t see through the fog right now myself. But showing up today in all our imperfection can bless or reassure someone, and that’s why I wanted to come out of a comfortable hiding to connect again. Today is about balancing mystery with shining and release with hope. Sit with the blank space. Let it speak to you instead. And when you’re ready, start to scribble a dream.

(Pisces moon square sun 12:02 p.m. EST. Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio 10:51 p.m.)