The Aries Moon Conjunct Uranus: Leaving room for a surprise

I’ve been hiding in a mysterious, protective shell for the past week. I haven’t had much to say. Today I’m in California to start another 4-day astrology class and I’m feeling especially shy. I wish I could just take the class via the web, sitting in my hotel room instead. And I actually like the people who’ll be there. There was a waiting list for this class and I’m lucky to have gotten in. Why the hesitation? What’s going on with me?

A Scorpio sun and an Aries moon give two different messages. Scorpio is a fixed sign but Aries is a cardinal sign, marking a beginning. We have to act or initiate. This is not a wait-and-see energy. This is a face-your-fear time. But in the last weeks our intuition has been growing. We’ve probably noticed things that have disturbed us. Jupiter and Mercury are also in Scorpio. We might be steeped in psychology and overwhelmed by all that’s creepy and dangerous in the world around us. There’s no denying violence, power plays and treachery if we’ve had our eyes open.

And so why would we leave our safe havens?

In the symbolism of Aries, to be a warrior or a child. Maybe you’ll find yourself in a position to help someone today. Or maybe there’s an innocence you can reclaim by forging ahead. Pay attention to your intuition, but don’t let it overpower you in negativity. Leave room for a surprise that could heal and change you. You don’t have to know how everything will turn out. Just start.

(Aries moon square Pluto 8:18 a.m. EDT. Moon opposite Venus 8:30 p.m. Moon trine Saturn 9:08 p.m. Moon conjunct Uranus 11:02 p.m.)