#MeToo and other Uncomfortable Truths: Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury entered Scorpio early this morning. Until November 5th, can our voices speak the uncomfortable truth? Can we see or hear what’s beneath the surface ourselves?  Why would we want to?

In a word, freedom. Tomorrow Mercury joins Jupiter's exact degree. Jupiter’s been in Scorpio only a week and already women have been empowered to share their stories of harassment or abuse, stories many of us just kept to ourselves for decades. It was either just the way it was, or it was so shameful to us on some level that we buried it. Now we’re naming it. We’re demanding society see this secret and change. This will be a long road, but Jupiter in Scorpio is a year-long transit. It’s not going anywhere anytime fast. We’re all wrestling with the empowerment and wisdom that comes after walking through hell. Our joy is tied up with an ability to probe the depths and set free the truth.

Today is the last day of the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Libra that happened last October. And it’s also a balsamic moon. Both correlate with release. Before the moon enters Libra at 1:34 p.m. today, spend some time purifying the sweet heart you were born with. Mourn the violence or aggression that robbed you of your innocence. If you haven't already, face your anger. And consciously release the situations or shitheads that took away your sense of peace and safety in the world and in your own body.

If you ever did this yourself to another human being – and most of us have on some level – send a prayer of contrition and healing his or her way. Maybe you didn’t know better. Now you do.

Last October Mercury and Jupiter in Libra set off a year-long cycle of rebalancing the scales in relationships and in our own hearts. If there are any relationships in your past that have felt brutal and put you in a one-under position for any reason, see them today and cleanse them under the light of the wisdom you have now. Reframe them so you know how valuable and strong you always were. And then, as the moon enters Libra later today, meditate on what has helped restore you. And offer a prayer of love and thanks to those who’ve helped resurrect you.

(Moon square Saturn 1:23 a.m. EDT. Mercury enters Scorpio 3:58 a.m. Moon conjunct Mars 7:26 a.m. Moon void of course 7:26 a.m. to 1:34 p.m. Moon enters Libra 1:34 p.m. Moon conjunct Venus 9:56 p.m.)