Getting to a place of Home: The Cancer moon faces tension

"Going Home" by Fritz Von Uhde

"Going Home" by Fritz Von Uhde

Today the moon forms quite a few tense aspects. We might need to remember to breathe today.

The day will start with a t-square involving Pluto and end with a grand cross involving Uranus. Yikes. How do we handle it?

First, recognize our emotional needs for the day. With a Cancer moon we’ll all be craving comfort and security to a certain extent. We’ll probably feel more sensitive. We may want to retreat.

But there are deep matters that need our attention. The disseminating, last quarter moon has a quality of shared ritual and release, and Pluto calls our attention to the dark areas of hell or the bright areas of empowerment. There are things we need to see or say today that will conflict with our need for safety. But this is time to get real. With the Libra sun and Mercury at the apex of the t-square, people need our help or we need theirs. The caring intuition of the Cancer moon and the stark scrutiny of Pluto in Capricorn can actually work together to help us discern which, and when. But it may feel a bit like a ping-pong match. Look for signs of beauty, balance, peace, and partnership if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stuck. Reach out to a friend or remember to pray. You don’t have to go it alone. Some vulnerability can heal you today.

As the day progresses and the moon starts to square Uranus, try to stay open to the unexpected or to outside-the-box solutions. In the end the Aries energy can give us more information about the right action and use of strength, but it could come with unsettling anger or disruption. Try to find the insight in the upheaval. See if it carries the message of a coach.

Throughout the day, be kind to yourself, and try to be a good example. Wherever you find yourself, look for signs that you might already be home or ways you can start to get there.

(Moon opposite Pluto 4:12 a.m. EDT. Moon square sun 8:25 a.m. Moon square Mercury 1:33 p.m. Moon sextile Mars 3:52 p.m. Moon square Uranus 9:09 p.m. Mercury sextile Saturn 11:02 p.m. Moon sextile Venus 11:59 p.m.)