Exploring the Depths: Jupiter in Scorpio

Exploring caves in Texas with my family.

Exploring caves in Texas with my family.


Today Jupiter entered the sign of Scorpio, where it will be until November 8th of next year.

I’m not gonna lie. This one scares me a bit.

While Jupiter was in Libra (since September 2016), I learned to be nicer. I learned to build bridges. I was surprised by the steady parade of people who showed up to help me. Sometimes I was overwhelmed by social obligations and overly concerned with the way things looked or how I might come across. I couldn't always handle the small talk. But whenever I lost hope and let out a desperate prayer, someone would appear with a smile or a compliment to help me go forward. Exploring a kinder, calmer, more artistic side of myself boosted my faith and confidence. I think I’m just afraid that I’ll lose that ability to find peace and connect now. I don’t feel ready to have the training wheels removed.

Now and for the next year, the symbolism of depth, intensity, and honesty combines with blessing, expansion and wisdom. What truth will I face that will free me somehow? Will I be able to handle all that I’ll see now? Will I lose the rapport-building connections and softer touch? Or are those Libra lessons now a part of me? 

Jupiter was last in Scorpio twelve years ago, from October 2005- November 2006, during the second year of my marriage and the the first two trimesters of my pregnancy with Lyndon. I faced excitement and fears about intimate partnership and then parenthood, and eventually was empowered by both. But it was a doozy. Am I really ready for this transit AGAIN?? 

What happened for you in that time period? How is it still unfolding? How might the same themes have different expressions this time around? If you don't know for sure yet, do you have any clues or intuition?

For the next year, we’ll all have more of a hammer. This energy is powerful and strong. Sometimes we’ll overdo it. What’s in darkness or beneath the surface might terrify us. It might make those around us uncomfortable. But in some ways we’re ready for it. There’s more of our honest selves that needs to come forward. It’s time to face emotion, passion and transformation for the next great leap in our growth. Hopefully as we face more of our own power we’ll remember that other people exist and not be ruthless. But it’s time to have a probing look at what really feeds our joy. 

Today’s Gemini moon is good for thinking, talking, or journaling through some of these questions. Which blessings have you gotten in the last year? Are there any ways you've changed for the better? What did you release, or want to release but didn't for fear of hurting someone? How might you be ready for more intimacy, truth, and transformation now? What do you need to feel truly happy, successful, and free?

As this transit begins, go gently into the depths, and know that we're all facing the same honest and powerful teacher in different ways. Take the breaks you need to regenerate and regain perspective. Find the people you can truly trust. And try to balance any fear or discomfort with a sense of adventure, hope, and faith. 

(Jupiter enters Scorpio 9:19 a.m. Moon square Mars 10:46 a.m. Moon opposition Saturn 11:40 a.m. Moon square Venus 4:11 p.m. Moon sextile Uranus 6:24 p.m. Moon void of course 6:24 p.m. to 11:38 p.m. Moon enters Cancer 11:38 p.m. Moon trine Jupiter 11:51 p.m.)