Creating and Sharing Under the Leo moon

The moon is in the fiery, creative sign of Leo now, and I've been working on next Saturday's webinar: Enlightened Parenting Through Astrology: Five Times Astrology Made me a Better Mom.

I've never given a webinar. I've never taught a class. My parents are teachers and I'm astonished and awed by the impact they've had on so many people over decades. I think seeing the wisdom, charisma and passion they embodied kept me away from teaching. I didn't know if I could pull it off. I didn't want to try.

My siblings are performers. Their presence is captivating. They're funny. They're deep. They're transformative. I love supporting them. But I'm terrified to join them. I work an office job every day in a room by myself, hidden by a humongous computer screen, usually eating.

And yet I was asked by my dear, respected friend Tony Howard to give a class in the summit he created. And I said Yes, because I trust Tony's judgment in other people and I know Tony's high standards. And this topic is so dear to my heart. If I've put the hours and intention into anything in my life it's been into creating a family and learning and practicing astrology. But still, I'm scared.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 12th has symbolically brought an opportunity to rebirth nurturing, creative, loving energies in us. But Pluto in Capricorn is opposite the sun and moon in that new moon chart. Fear, dread, shame and limits can overpower and stop us before we start.

But what if we look at it differently? What if we see the times in our lives when the shy, protective, emotional shell of Cancer has been capable of stopping us before we even start? That's kind of where I was when Tony first approached me: No thank you, I'll watch the webinar from the comfort of home and someone else can present. In that case Pluto in Capricorn can be the helper -- drawing out what we're actually capable of. Plumbing the depths of who we've worked to become; letting that empower and transform us and those we encounter.

This new moon/Pluto action happens for me in the 4th and 10th house axis of home and family and career and the broader world. I can choose to stay home and just practice these techniques by myself and with my child, with my family and friends and local clients, Thank you very much. But a powerful friend is giving me this opportunity to share the information with a broader audience. And as I prepare it I know the techniques can help people nurture and support their children, or their clients who are parents. I just have to overcome my shyness and fear to do it.

Where does this new moon fall in your birth chart? Consider the Cancer solar and lunar themes positively and negatively. Let that inform your intentions for starts and renewals. And try to make a friend of Pluto. There's power inside and outside of you, an opportunity for creating and revealing something profound to yourself and others that you can do only when you realize you're already safe, loved and whole, and only when you can shed some of your ego and over-sensitivity. I hate saying that. Sensitive people bless and heal the world. So I hope you can see what I mean: We can get so lost in being sensitive that it cripples us or holds us from action, and that's where the Capricorn energy can help us. Leave something in this world that is born out of your sensitivity. Leave something tangible. Today's Leo moon can help inspire you.

It's been a pleasure to create this webinar. Next Saturday, I'll be drawing on my experience of motherhood, inspired by my parents' ability to teach and my siblings' ability to take the stage. I hope you'll join me. It's free, and from what I know of the other astrologers who are presenting, I'll be in outstanding company. Thank you, Tony, for the nudging at least one of us needed to bring this to light.





The Taurus New Moon and Uranus in Taurus

Today at 7:47 a.m. EDT there will be a Taurus New Moon at 24°36' Taurus. Uranus will move into Taurus at 11:17 a.m after having spent almost eight years in Aries (May - August 2010, March 2011 until today.) 

How has your life changed since 2010? What did you begin? What changes upended who you thought you were or the path you thought you were traveling? Have you found a role as part of a new group? Which crises or adventures brought breakthroughs? How have you dared to become weirder, or to take a counter-cultural stand?

I started studying Astrology in 2010 as a way to understand the inner turmoil and unrest I was feeling as a stay-at-home Mom and wife. Lyndon was in nursery school and I was feeling lonely and unfulfilled. That year I also started working outside the home, first part-time and then full-time. In the last eight years Uranus joined with my Ascendant, moon and Chiron. I do feel different now and more willing to show up even if I might get rejected. I've accepted a broader definition of who I am and have dared to explore and share more of my inner life and creativity. Maybe it's age, and maybe I've internalized a little more of the Uranian who-gives-a-crap-what-people-say detachment and openness to shake-ups. I'm not fully there, but I'm trying. I hope that the ways I've grown and asserted myself will prepare me for changes and breakthroughs in the next 8 years in Taurus areas -- for me the second house of money and self-worth.

Where does Taurus fall in your birth chart? Where does Aries?

By all means, learn about and explore the combination of Taurus and Uranus archetypes to anticipate what could be stirring for the next cycle. But also look back and within. For all its positive associations, the joining of Uranus and Aries also symbolized trauma survival. In the past eight years, all of us have survived some unexpected trauma or loss. Our bodies, resources, nature, and certain loving relationships somehow sustained us. As you usher in the Taurus new moon, take some time to see and feel the power and stability of everything that helped you endure.

Today we begin again in the dark, as we began in the womb so many years before. Try to ground yourself in peace and openness to all that's building.



Venus in Gemini with a Saturn Overtone: The Thinker

  The Thinker , Auguste Rodin, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Thinker, Auguste Rodin, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Today Venus enters exciting, expressive Gemini, where it will be until May 19th. How can we bring a beginner's mind of openness, curiosity and flexibility to our relationships, to our own wellbeing, and to what we create? Why is now a good time for it? 

Crucially, it will energize us. While the sun is in Taurus, Taurus's ruling planet, Venus, holds a key to accessing our life force and well, shine. Opening our minds and our senses will be tied to feeling the power and brilliance of our sun and the steady, comforting peace and strength of Taurus. But getting to that peace and strength will take some different and possibly challenging strategies until May 13th.  

Why? From May 13th - 19th, Venus and Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, will be in each other’s signs – Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Taurus – so symbolically they can excite and support each other in a positive feedback loop that in turn energizes the sun. But before then, in true Gemini fashion, we'll be bouncing around a Venus trail that leads to Saturn, and Saturn's not the fun and airy ending that Gemini might have had in mind. (Astro jargon background: Until May 13th, Mercury in Aries “disposits” Venus in Gemini, Mars in Capricorn disposits Mercury, and Saturn in Capricorn disposits Mars, making Saturn the Final Dispositor.) So although Venus in Gemini is about being open to variety, newness, fascination, learning, movement, and change in love, inner peace, and art, the symbolism of Saturn in Capricorn adds an editing quality to the Venus: a careful planning and consideration. What’s truly important to say to another person or to express in your art in this moment? How can maturity, patience, integrity and wisdom inform the beginner's mind? How do experiences of personal struggle, loss, and grief shape the love you can give to yourself and to others? Can they empower and embolden you, steady and inform you but not scare you, control you, or entirely define you? Can you leave some lines blank? 

Saturn's connection with Venus until May 13th reminds us that what we express in love and art lasts – in a hug, a kind word, a letter, a creation. And that can be frightening and intimidating. You may be tempted to stop yourself before you even begin. And so give yourself time and solitude to sort through what you take in every day and what you want to express. Organize and set goals if that helps. But in the next few weeks challenge yourself out of your comfort zone a little, too. Try your best to move, explore, and grow incrementally -- as a parent, a partner, a relative, an artist, a friend. The highest expression of this Venus transit will be to open yourself in fascination to all that's still left to learn, and to share with others — simply, profoundly – who you are right now and what you have to say. 


The shock of the Aquarius moon

Today the moon is in the sign of Aquarius: the rebel, the genius, the humanitarian, the friend, the sign of fixed air. How might our hearts be healed by Aquarius today?

Well, basically if we’re overcome by anger, fear, exhaustion or “shoulds.” With three planets in Aries and three in Capricorn right now, we might feel the impetus to go forward, to move on, to do something we can be proud of. But the symbolism of Mercury retrograde puts the brakes on. And so we might turn that assertive energy inwardly if things are not happening according to our plans, thinking there’s something wrong with us. It’s tempting to think that on some level we failed or we suck, or if we don’t, other people definitely do.

Enter Aquarius. What if you’re a refreshing original and everyone else is, too? What if we can see our starts and progress from a logical, open-minded point of view? What have you built over time that’s unique or groundbreaking? What have you started that helped the group or made a safe place for someone in distress or trauma?

Today visualize, name and cherish those victories. Center yourself with conscious breaths and honor your creative outlook and your staying power. Give yourself time and space and challenge any inner messages that have become steady but might not be loving or helpful. And if you can, break free a little from your routine to let in some interesting surprises. They might help you remember the ways that you’re an interesting, fascinating, endlessly-evolving surprise, too.  

Reflection before the Aries sun

Mars entered Capricorn yesterday. With the moon in Aries until 9:06 p.m. EDT today, seven planetary bodies are now in cardinal signs, which have the energy of beginning. But the sun, representing a changing, deepening self, is still in the mutable water sign Pisces until tomorrow at around noon. So how can we be flexible until then? How can intuition, imagination, forgiveness, and love guide us and help us sense what’s important to give effort and energy to?

Pisces is hard on the ego. Pisces can be cloudy, murky. Lyndon has natal Mercury in Pisces and at Parent-Teacher conferences last week his teacher said, “I just don’t want next year’s teacher to wonder, ‘What is going on in Lyndon’s head?’” While the sun has been in Pisces I’ve been wondering what’s been going on in my head, too. I haven’t been sure what’s so important, where I fit in, or what I should do. I’ve been wanting to sleep more, have a drink, or watch TV. It’s an uncomfortable space for me. I’d rather be sure of myself and moving forward.

Tomorrow is the vernal equinox and in the Northern Hemisphere day will start to be longer than night. The Aries sun will represent action and courage for all of us. For me, a fire sign with an Aries Ascendant, that’s a bit of a relief. Finally. Let’s get going again. Please get me off my couch.

But I’ve rushed into the wrong things before. I’ve asserted myself too harshly or defended myself too strongly or gone forward too naively and been pulled back. So can the experience of this past month of Pisces help me go forward in confidence but not aggression, with courage but not fear? Can it help me remember kindness, imagination, and space?

I think so. I hope so. But if I happen to forget and seem a little stressed, please remind me that there’s nothing wrong with spending a few quiet moments on the couch.

Put your dukes up: Mercury and Venus enter Aries

Mercury entered the sign of Aries today, where it will be until May 13th. This evening Venus enters Aries, too, where it will be until March 31st.

The planets representing voice, learning and love and art are entering the sign of the Warrior. Anything in Aries is under some stress. The sign of cardinal fire, Aries starts. Sometimes we start because we want to and sometimes because we have to. But either way, it’s risky and scary. It’s uncharted. It can be explosive.

If you can intentionally notice excitement or fear in yourself and in those around you for that time period, it may help you understand, connect and avoid unnecessary conflicts. We might all come off a little too strongly. We could be a little too harsh or blunt. But we’re all facing a restart in the way we learn, process, and express ourselves and in who or what we hold dear.

Until March 17th, while the ruler of Aries, Mars, is in Sagittarius, let meaning power these beginnings. What’s the bigger picture? How would you like to expand, explore, risk or succeed? Why is it important to you? If you begin with hopeful inspiration and a bit of moxy, when Mars enters Capricorn, you can start to build in more concrete, lasting ways. But let faith and curiosity start the process rather than a sense of already knowing the outcome. Leave room for surprises and change. The positive expression of Aries is in encouraging yourself and others, protecting the vulnerable, forging a better way ahead.

The first sign, Aries gets us touch with what’s basic, raw, and sensitive within us. It’s up to us to decide if we defend or express it, how, when, and with whom.

(Mercury enters Aries 2:34 a.m. EST. Moon trine Neptune 10:22 a.m. Moon trine sun 2:27 p.m. Venus enters Aries 6:45 p.m. Moon sextile Pluto 11:12 p.m.)

Peace and power: The Pisces sun and Scorpio moon

Yesterday the sun joined Neptune and I hope in some way the fog lifted for you. I hope you have a broader sense of who you are.

Yesterday Mercury also joined Venus and I hope you got a glimpse of the love and beauty you’re here to give. I hope you could make peace with something that had been overwhelming you.

If you didn’t, or you haven’t, try today.

Today Mercury and Venus spend a final day in Pisces until next year. If your mind has taken on a script or your heart has let in a relationship that doesn’t reflect hope, sweetness, and the best of who you are, today you can release it. If you’re not ready or able to release it, try to see it with more freedom and space. It doesn’t define you. Your story is so much bigger.

The moon will enter Scorpio this morning, the sign of fixed water. Some of the emotional habits we’ve built up protect and strengthen us, and some just keep us stuck. Try to keep some flexibility today in your heart and mind so that emotions don’t overtake you, but instead help carry you through in peace and in power.

(Moon enters Scorpio 8:22 a.m. EST. Moon sextile Saturn 10:31 p.m.)

Shining through the fog: The Leo moon and Pisces sun


Today try to leave a personal expression of yourself out there today.

You may not want to. I didn’t want to. With five planets in water signs right now and the sun approaching Neptune, things feel a little foggy. What’s the point? Someone else will say something, share something, create something. It’s all good. I’ll just be over here watching my favorite show.

But the Leo moon invites us to show up.  And if we do take that risk, we find ourselves comforted. We  let go of something we didn’t even know we were still carrying. We learn something new about ourselves, love, and God. And we find the point after all.

So first, try. And if you notice others trying today, let them know that you see them, and you understand.

(Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn 5:20 a.m. EST.

The moon in Pisces: Let it be

Today the moon is in the sign of mutable water, Pisces, and thank goodness.

I experienced the Aquarius new moon solar eclipse energy as the energy of the unsettling and awkward: What’s my place, how do I fit in, how do I get along, what’s worth saying. I’ve gotten it wrong this week just as I’ve gotten it wrong other times in my life. I texted my sister yesterday, “It’s so hard to live in society.” On the one hand Aquarius symbolizes the drive to individuate, and on the other hand, it symbolizes the drive to belong.

In high school I could never commit to a lunch table. I floated around each day; a few times a month I ate my lunch alone on the stairs or with the janitor. I told myself it was because I didn’t believe in labels or cliques, which was true, but I also didn’t want to be rejected. I didn’t want to hang around for the awkward day when the energy of the table was off.

When you’re just passing by, everyone’s happy to see you.

The recent eclipses have echoed that Aquarius/Leo dynamic: Group needs/heart needs; the intellectual or logical with the creative and the expressive. Sometimes when we share or show up we won’t be well-received. Is that a push to go where we’re celebrated or to step back from our hurt feelings and see a different side?  Can we use both our heads and our hearts to discern?

This work is exhausting. This work takes a toll. So today, do something to recover: Listen to your favorite song, reach out to a favorite friend, nap, pray. Today at some point, it will feel good to let it be.

(Moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn 9:57 a.m. EST. Moon conjunct Venus 11:35 a.m.)

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

As today's new moon and solar eclipse in Aquarius approach, I hope you'll take some time to reflect on and name what's unique and special about you. There's not only space for it but a need for it in the world around you. Peace be with you.

Being your own boss: The moon in Capricorn

Today the moon is in Capricorn, the sign of self-discipline, integrity, and mastery. Today is a chance to integrate what we’ve been working hard at with how we truly feel.

Check in with yourself. Give yourself a progress report. What are your greatest accomplishments? Has anything been exhausting you lately? Are you sticking with it because it’s important to you or because of a “should” you’ve outgrown?

Sometimes we have no control. Life is simply sad or hard, and we react humanly rather than stoically. We get worn down. We lose hope. We’re stopped in our tracks. But sometimes we stop ourselves in our tracks with fear or inertia. We lose imagination. We forget to expand.

Today the moon joins with Pluto, symbolically bringing what’s unconscious to our emotional attention. Spend some time with it, even if it’s uncomfortable. There’s something we need to see, transform, or release in order to move forward from a place of true authority and power.

Move intentionally through the day, so that you’re not overly harsh with yourself or others if you have a setback. If you experience that energy from others, know that there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. Don’t internalize crap that doesn’t belong to you. Be aware of any moments you need to draw boundaries for your own mental health and stability.

As you go through your day, work with the supporting energy of Jupiter to understand what comes up and reframe it in wisdom and hope. Hard work and focus can lead to freedom, success, and joy. But first, define what’s worth the time and effort to you.  

(Moon conjunct Pluto 2:21 p.m. EST. Moon sextile Jupiter in Scorpio 6:41 p.m.)


Getting back on track, but differently

 A photo I took in Barcelona, 2014

A photo I took in Barcelona, 2014


Today Mercury joins with the south node and we can change the way we process what we notice, freeing us up to move in different ways.

In astrology the south node is a place of wounding that we carry from our past. When Mercury joins with it in Aquarius, people might lash out unexpectedly from a place of wounding. Will we get hooked or triggered? Will we get pulled back into old scripts?

Mercury famously can be a trickster. Today we might take in messages or even express ourselves in ways that no longer serve us, feeding our sense of isolation, rejection, and despair. That option is available to us. Don’t fall for it.  There’s enough room for all of us. You don’t have to go away, or hide, or fit into a mold that oppresses you or simply no longer fits.

Today’s a little like getting back on a bike to ride again for the first time after many years. You know how to do it, but it’s a little scary, and it’s not as automatic as when you were little. You have to pay more attention. You’re not the same person and it’s gonna look and feel a little differently this time around. That’s OK.

Keep trying, remember to have fun, and every now and then, look up to notice who else might be taking a risk and trying a new way forward, too.

(Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars 1:39 a.m. EST. Mercury conjunct south node in Aquarius 8:32 a.m. Moon square Neptune 11:03 a.m. Moon sextile Mercury 3:32 p.m.)

Love too deep to express: The Scorpio Moon and My Son's 11th Birthday

Lyndon hospital photos.JPG

It’s the last few hours of the Scorpio moon and it’s Lyndon’s 11th birthday.

On the day he was born the moon was in Libra, and since he’s come he’s shown us how to be kinder, how to laugh at ourselves, and how to ask for help.

I asked him the other day if he learned any life lessons this year. He said, “Hmmm. Let me think about it.” He came back later and said, “I know what I learned. I learned that nothing is forever. As bad as your situation is right now, things will change.”

And so as I sit still in deep shock and awe at this wonderful boy who joined us 11 years ago, I’ll share his words today. Mine are swimming in my heart right now and streaming down my face. I’m just so glad he came.

(Moon enters Sagittarius 8:53 a.m. EST)

Being where you are: The moon in Virgo

Today the moon is in Virgo, the sign of mutable earth.

I was thinking about nature interacting with its surroundings – a flower responding to water or to the sun, to conditions from harsh to ideal. My plants perking back up every time I think I’ve finally killed them.

And then I thought about us, and how hard it is to be a changing, living thing interacting with the outside world. What we meet each day can nourish or devastate us, and yet somehow the contract of living things is to face the unpredictable. How very incredible. How brave and astounding.

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When you realize you've been stuck: The Leo moon and the Aquarius sun

Today I’m thinking of the qualities of the Aquarius sun and the Leo moon: Fixed air and fixed fire.

I caught myself holding my breath yesterday. I was walking quickly to my job from several blocks away, where I had found parking. I was worried I’d be late. I decided to jog instead, clumsily, in knee-high boots, trying to avoid patches of ice. I took huge breaths as I did, partly because I’m out of shape, and partly because I made myself. Getting to work on time didn’t matter to me as much as remembering to breathe did. It felt so good to take deep breaths.

As the moon spends its final hours in Leo today, think about where you may have become fixed in air or in fire. Try not to judge yourself – just observe.

Is my breath caught inside me right now? How about my ideas or words?

Is passion stuck inside me? How about anger or love?

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The Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: Entering the space with soul

 " Light Source Direction ", Terry Winters, Metropolitan Museum of Art

"Light Source Direction", Terry Winters, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Today’s full moon eclipse in Leo starts to bring the intentions we set during August’s solar eclipse into stark relief.

What can you see now that you couldn’t then?

How have you put yourself out there in trust or performance? What are the fruits? How did you honor or put forth your dignity, your creativity, your essence? What’s still worth striving for? How have you shocked yourself? Which relationships have come into or left your life suddenly or destabilized you somehow? What have they taught you?

What does your heart tell you in this moment?

Today’s lunar eclipse hearkens back not only to August but to past eclipses along the Leo/Aquarius axis. The most recent solar eclipse in Aquarius was January 2009. How have you healed since that time? How have you listened to your own original voice? How have you broken with cultural scripts or norms, either intentionally or unintentionally? Who loved you when you found yourself in those places or took those risks?

When the shadow of the earth falls on the moon today, take the time to reflect and embrace mystery. And take the time to soothe and encourage all that is in you, still unseen.

The heart and the head: The Cancer moon and the Aquarius sun

Today asks us to let the right and left sides of our brain speak to each other. The watery, emotional Cancer moon is safety-seeking, protective, and heart-centered. But the airy, logical Aquarius sun and Venus seek conversation, information, and breakthrough. Aquarius examines and then challenges. It helps us break out of traditional ways of being that either oppress us or simply don’t reflect us. How can we balance such different energies?

Spend some time today taking care of yourself. Tune into your feelings. Listen to your intuition. Allow yourself a creative outlet or a cuddle. It will just feel good.

And also, listen. There are new ideas we need to hear and incorporate. Some of them will be shocking and uncomfortable. How can we feel safe and yet also be open to change? If you feel the fight-or-flight instinct arise in you, can you explore it with someone you trust?

We may all feel somewhat frayed or vulnerable today. If you interact with someone who lashes out or has heavy defenses, try not to internalize it. We’re all in a phase of recovery.

Aim to balance conversation with silence, the external with the internal, the large collective with the safest clan.

(Moon trine Neptune in Pisces 10:18 a.m. EST. Moon opposite Pluto in Capricorn 9:34 p.m. Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio 11:38 p.m.)

You've worked so hard... now appreciate

Those Winter Sundays BY ROBERT HAYDENSundays too my father got up early and put his clothes on in the.png

With four planets in Capricorn right now, how can steadiness, patience, and integrity empower you, focus you, calm you, and define you? Which relationships have lasted and why? Are they truly satisfying or life-giving? How do you define adulthood? How do you seek or achieve solitude? Who helps you get things done or quietly does them in the background?

Today’s Leo moon is good for expressing appreciation. Take a moment to appreciate your own persistence in an area that matters to you. Take a moment to see someone who has helped you endure.

It's not that I haven't thought about you....

... I'm just keeping a low profile while Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius -- the sign of my Mercury. I've been thinking of the centaur quality of Sagittarius -- half human, half horse -- and the necessary integration of mind/body, logic/animal instinct. For the past several months I've been writing consistently but I've paid very little attention to my body. I have a sedentary desk job, and with the extra time I've spent sitting to write when I'm home, well, that's a lot of sitting. So for the past week I've been riding the bike in the early morning instead of writing.

When I have sat down the look at the day's aspects, it's been hard to make enough of a global connection to what's going on to want to actually share something. It's more of a personal experience lately, and so I've been telling my astrological thoughts to Lyndon when I drive him to school or to Langston after we both get home from work. But I feel more careful when it comes to sharing anything more widely right now. I'm weighing my words.

At the same time, I don't want to leave anyone in the lurch. I'm still practicing astrology, and if you need a reading, please do contact me. But if I post less frequently it's because I'm trying to find the right balance between words and movement, speaking and listening, writing and paying attention.

On Mars and Uranus: Fight or get creative

Tomorrow Mars opposes Uranus. The last time this aspect happened was December 2015. Today the Aries moon opposes Mars and conjuncts Uranus, so it’s kind of like a dress rehearsal. Aaaand, it could get intense.

Willpower and change. Fight and shock. Violence and insanity. Self-defense and freedom. With an opposition there’s often polarization. Something happens to us from the outside. You may be facing one energy and identified with the other. Today try to put yourself in both places, though. As Steven Forrest often says, “All aspects are about integration.” For the next few days, how can we find a balance between Mars and Uranus?

A healthy Mars knows what it wants. But with the energies of this week, it’s very easy to get unhinged by what we want. An Aries moon wants what it wants NOW. I found myself very annoyed and petulant yesterday. Enough already with everything. I wanted to call the shots. I have an Aries moon natally, so Mars, the ruler of Aries, is a constant companion: Boundaries, desire, and action. I’m always pushing ahead and when I can’t, I get angry or upset. Uranus is more foreign to me: Detachment, groupthink, information-gathering, outside-the-box ideas. My actions would be improved if I let in more Uranus. I don’t always think before I act.

For the next couple of days, consider the balance for you. What’s harder for you, Mars or Uranus? Could it be time to put a little more action into your ideas or a little more thinking into your actions? Is it time to detach from anger or time to fight for a higher expression of your individuality and freedom?  Is it OK to be different?

If you feel inspired to today, write down some intentions or an action plan. Have a conversation with someone who’s an original thinker. When the moon changes to Taurus later on, do something to invite in silence or peace. Unplug from the news or social media. Go outside and really see what’s around you. And in the next two days, give yourself and others a little space. It will be easy to get triggered. Try to remember that this is just a moment and an opportunity to try a new way.

(Moon opposite Mars 6:12 a.m. EST. Moon conjunct Uranus 7:16 a.m. Moon trine Saturn 11:49 a.m. Moon trine Mercury 1:37 p.m. Moon void of course 1:37 p.m. to 3:38 p.m. Moon enters Taurus 3:38 p.m.)